Marine-grade ceremic quartz coat

Introducing the Revolutionary Marine Protection – NAUTIK Nano-Epoxy Ceramic Coating.

THE revolution in watercraft protection has arrived. From the creators of CQUARTZ comes this incredible new method of protection for all marine vessels. NAUTIK was specifically formulated to resist the harsh conditions of saltwater, whilst offering resistance to sun damage, algae, barnacles, fading, and more. In freshwater rivers and lakes, NOTHING resists algae and scumminess better than NAUTIK. In testing we found scum lines and algae to wipe off with ZERO resistance.

NAUTIK was designed to bond directly with gel-coat and fiberglass surfaces where it becomes a solid barrier between the surface and its environment. Once installed, your watercraft becomes far easier to clean. No longer will you constantly have to abrade or polish the surface just to get it clean. In real world tests, algae, scum lines, and other normally tough dirt, were easily removed with a simple wipe of a microfiber towel.

Not only does NAUTIK’s unique VOC-free formula protect the surface and makes it far easier to clean but it also enhances and protects the gloss of the finish for years to come!