Wash Box

The CARPRO Wash Box is the perfect starter kit for proper vehicle maintenance.

The Box contains all the necessary products: 500ml of Reset Intensive Car Shampoo, 500ml of EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer, a Hand Wash microfiber mitt, a versatile 40×40 2-face MF towel and a DHydrate drying towel.

This is perfect for enthusiasts maintaining their CQUARTZ coated vehicles as well as those just beginning their adventure with automotive detailing wishing to start off with the best products on the market.

Kit contains:
• 500ml Reset: Intensive Car Shampoo
• 500ml EliXir: High Gloss Quick Detailer
• Hand Wash microfiber wash mitt
• 2-Face Microfiber Towel
• Dhydrate twisted pile drying towel